Ever dreamed of waking up in a walk-up in Paris, then tip-toe out the door to grab some fresh croissants downstairs before your loved one awakes? If the answer is yes and, if you are single, then you’ve somehow landed at the right place.

Okay, so, I don’t really hug trees. Correction: I’ve only hugged a tree once in my life. I mean, the tree-hug image is usually these hip folks in prewashed Patagonias hand-in-hand wrapping their arms around a centennial Sequoia or something. Besides, we all know that old tree bark is usually coarse and will snag your fine shirt, and perhaps even give you splinters. Not that splinters are bad. No offense to splinters but, just saying.

Therefore, “hug treez” here is really only a metaphor for decent people who are kind to the nature and to animals.  However, before we get officially started, I will still need to have a file picture of you hugging something green. This can be a tree of course, any tree.  If you really cannot get to anything alive and green and grows in nature, let’s say if poor you are stuck in Venice, Italy, then you can put your arm around a house plant, or a flower. How’s that? Fair enough?  

By sending me your headshot and your arm around some kind of plant or tree or flower, I hope you feel that you’re making a commitment to yourself that you will be honest and sincere with me, and most importantly, to the person(s) I’ll be introducing you to.

Now, click on “Contact”, fill out the simple form so we can get started. I’ll ask for the picture soon.